Wrapping and Packing
Jack understands that sentimental value can be as important as financial value, which is why special care is taken with ALL of your possessions. Union Jack Removals does not use casual labour and all removal staff are proficient in export wrapping. See below for explanations and photographic examples of the removals procedure.


Everything will be export wrapped by our trained and experienced team in the highest quality packing materials. Special crates can be made for awkward or unusually shaped items.


1. Items carefully wrapped individually


2. Items neatly packed and spaces filled to minimise movement


3. Care is taken to prepare suitable wrapping for every item



All your boxes are labeled with your name, the place of origin, and final destination including from which room they were taken. Then a full inventory of boxes and wrapped effects will be taken prior to shipment with each item being individually labeled, this will then be checked on delivery to ensure you receive ALL your belongings at your destination.


4. Shipping crate being loaded to minimize movement


5. Various sized removals vehicles to meet clients' requirements



Union Jack unload and unwrap your furniture for you and place it in the room of your choice. All your boxed goods are taken to a room specified by you, where you may unwrap them at your leisure. Alternatively, some customers like them to unpack and put away which we can do if requested, though there is an extra charge for this service.


Small Things, Big Difference

There are a thousand little things Jack has learnt about removals over the past thirty years, many of which will make a big difference and help take the stress out of moving. Here are some of the simple things that many companies overlook:

- the 'first box off' - this could be your kettle mugs and teabags and washing up bowl and fairy liquid, for that first cuppa when you arrive.
- plants are packed in open top boxes for maximum access to light and water while in his care.
- your bed and bed linen off in time for a good nights sleep.
- making sure that essentials are packed together- light bulbs packed with your lamps, power cables with your appliances.
- your hanging clothes packed in wardrobe boxes on hangers- you don't want to waste time in your new home ironing them all again.

Some of these things may seem obvious but the list is endless and when you're in the middle of organising a new life in a new home they can get overlooked without a specialist to take care of them. When you meet Jack and discuss your requirements he'll be able to make sure the move is tailored to your needs and make the whole process as easy and stress free for you as possible.


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